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ETC's Baga Fest play is The Odd Couple (Female Version)

Neil Simons comedy The Odd Couple has been produced for the stage, for the big screen and for two network series on television.
The original Odd Couple, which is about two mismatched guys whose marriages have broken up, was written by Simon in 1965. In 1985, the famous playwright wrote a female version featuring Florence Unger, instead of Felix Unger, and Olive Madison, rather than Oscar Madison.

The female version will be performed at the Cumberland Arts Center four times (Aug. 26-29) during the Rutabaga Festival. The performances are at 7 p.m. each night, and tickets are available at Peter & Annies World Market in downtown Cumberland.

Tickets, which are $8, will also be available at the door of the ETC center, 1595 2nd Avenue.

The names and genders have changed from the original play about roommates Felix and Oscar, but the plot is the same: Olive, a slob who concedes she is so sloppy that she leaves a mess after reading a book, takes in Florence, who is compulsively neat and, unlike Olive, always on time and proper. They are separated from their husbands, and they try to coexist in a New York apartment
Upstairs are two brothers, Manolo and Jesus Constazuela, who have moved to New York from Spain, and Olive arranges a dinner date that -- to say the least -- doesnt turn out as Olive had planned.

Other characters in this comedy are four women friends of Olive and Florence who gather regularly to play Trivial Pursuit and get caught up in the drama as Florence deals with depression after her husband asks for a divorce, and as Olive deals with a roommate who is constantly cleaning everything, including the telephone. Dont wipe the telephone, Olive shouts at one point. Some of my favorite fingerprints are on that telephone.

Leads in the play are two veterans of ETC productions Chris Johansen as Olive and Dorene Weltzin as Florence. It is directed by Eva Srubar.

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