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Cumberland High School Drama Club Presents
Ask Any Girl
March 21-23, 7:00pm, March 23, 1:00pm

Tickets on sale through the high school office. (715-822-5121)

Meg Wheeler felt stifled in her small hometown where she's just graduated from college. So Meg comes to New York intent on enlarging her horizon - and by that she means finding a husband. She moves into a boarding house in Manhattan that's filled with attractive girls, most of them just as eager as Meg to find the ideal man. Meg has a unique ability to invent plausible statistics. "According to statistics," she used to tell her parents, "eighty-two point four percent of girls over sixteen are allowed to stay out till midnight." However, when Meg tries her homemade statistics on the mathematically inclined Miles Doughton, head of an advertising firm, the system fails. Meg is fascinated by Miles' younger brother Evan. When she looks at him, she feels "like a marshmallow over an open fire." Miles decides to give her a hand in snaring Evan.

Celebration of the Arts
Saturday June 9 2019, Tourist Park

ETC Children's Theater Presents
Peter Pan
Jun 7 - 9, 13 - 15

The Darling children love to hear of Peter Pan's adventures during his visits through the open window of the nursery. Then one night, after Nana has taken his shadow and Wendy has sewn it back on, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell whisk the children off to Neverland to be part of the adventures. Wendy, John, and Michael become friends with the Lost Boys and Princess Tiger Lily, and Wendy becomes everyone's mother. When the evil Captain Hook captures Wendy and the Lost Boys, Peter Pan comes to their rescue. Together with the ticking crocodile, Peter Pan puts Captain Hook in his place and returns the Darling children to their home.

Drinking Habits 2
Rutabaga 2018

The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing miss the excitement of the old days when they were saving convents and reuniting long-lost families. So when they learn that the orphanage where Paul and Kate grew up is in peril, they can't wait to come to the rescue. Everyone pitches in to mount a play to raise money, but it's no easy feat when Kate's expecting any day, Sally's hiding from stage-fright-stricken Paul after another flight from the altar, Mother Superior's acting is unexpectedly narcoleptic, and the sisters' award-winning wine keeps getting switched with the grape juice. The merry mix-ups multiply in this warm and winsome sequel to Drinking Habits.

1595 2nd Avenue
PO Box 191
Cumberland, WI 54829

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